Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday's Snow

Its snowing, but that's par for the course being its January in Upstate New York. We may moan and complain about how much more difficult it makes for getting chores done and animals properly cared for yet it never fails that when we feel at our lowest, we are reminded that we don't have things as bad as others.

Don't misunderstand, I know everyone goes through a time when you feel that nothing is working and you pity yourself, nothing fixes that more than seeing where you have blessings in your life no matter how small they may seem. A blessing is a blessing after all.

As the crew bemoans the snow, I like to see it as a thing of beauty and honestly I personally love what I deem as lazy snow. You know the big snow flakes that seem to effortlessly float to the ground yet its the type of snow that really isn't lazy as it accumulates rather fast.

Hopefully it sticks around, as I forsee a date with the husband going snowshoeing!

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