Saturday, January 10, 2015

Egg laying Lamb?

Its been bitterly cold here in the northeast this last week. We've struggled with hoses and faucets freezing, taking more time to bundle ourselves up than actually working outside, and worrying about our beehives and whether they survive. We love our raw honey, to loose a hive would be devastating!

However in the bleakest moments little things can make all the difference. Like seeing our 3 week old beef calf decide that the cold is nothing to stop her from trying to eat silage with her mama. You cannot sneak through the barn now without disturbing our chickens who have decided that its warmers than their coop. Finding eggs in the lamb pen and telling a 3 year old her lamb lays eggs and the ensuing argument that it was a chicken no matter how hard you try to make her believe you.

Lesson continually learned is to look on the bright side. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

Shawn says GO PATRIOTS!
Happy Saturday all.

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